Pirate Ultimate Jersey Design
Task / Objective
The task was to design a sports jersey for Armstrong University’s Pirate Ultimate Frisbee club team. The jersey needed to contain the team name on the front as well as the player numbers on front and back. Other than these guidelines, the rest of the design was completely up to me.
After discussing the jersey with a few of the team captains, we decided to stick with a pirate theme and a focus on squid tentacles. The inspiration came from various line illustration styles as well as the Kraken Rum branding identity.

The jerseys were printed with sublimation ink, giving me the opportunity to use rich detail in the illustrations without the worry of the ink fading over time. The jersey also needed to be dark, as the team has one “light” and one “dark” jersey to play in, so I used the school’s maroon color as the base, with a lighter taupe color for the artwork. Most of the artwork I created digitally, but the illustration on the front was originally a frame from a Kraken commercial as per the team's wish, the image was printed out and then drawn over, scanned back in, vectorized and adjusted from there. The rest of the illustrations and type were drawn digitally with a tablet in Photoshop and then vectorized.

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