National Park Service Rebrand
Task / Objective
This was a created as a project for a studio class at SCAD. Working with an open brief for a self-managed project, I decided to redesign the National Park Service’s identity system with a minimum of 4 components over the span of 5 weeks. Final deliverables were decided to be the identity system, editorial design for brochures and guidebooks, annual pass, signage system as well as a redesigned website.
The objective for this project was to take the vision of NPS’s current identity system and revise and update it in a way that allowed it to be communicated more efficiently to a wider audience across multiple platforms.

To achieve these tasks and objectives, I chose to create a new system that is both functional and playful while remaining reminiscent of the Park Service’s rich cultural history. Working off of the original arrowhead symbol, I created minimilastic symbols to create a standard system for each type of park across the nation (desert, forest, grassland, tundra and river system). Each park has a distinct symbol and color palette reminiscent of the landscape. The entire system was created to work both separately and as a whole. In addition to these, I also created spreads for a 2016 guidebook, revised the look of the annual pass, created brochures for the park system, revised the look of the map and icon system, trailhead signs and wayfinding signs, as well as redesign the website.
additional process work available upon request

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