Climate Change Awareness Posters
Task / Objective
This was a created as a project for a studio class at SCAD. Working with an open brief for a self-managed project, I chose to research a social issue to educate others about. The primary task of this project was to communicate extensive information about a subject, based off of the target audience of the chosen subject. The deliverables were to be 3 final components of different media.​​​​​​​
Near and dear to my heart, I decided to create a social awareness campaign on sustainability, with a specific focus on climate change. My primary goals were to (1) communicate the causes, effects and consequences of climate change (2) find ways to visually show these effects, through imagery or typography (3) inform others on ways to reduce their footprint. In order to achieve an unconventional look, I planned to explore unique, artistic styles and variations that connected with the content.

When people think of the word “sustainable” a common image comes to mind. My goal for this project was to approach the idea of sustainability in an unconventional way in order to grab attention as well as give a unique perspective to the topic. The 3 final components I created were a series of 3 posters, a content-heavy infographic with supporting illustrations, as well as a short, 40 second motion media/commercial piece. All 3 components feature typography created with melting ice that was then photographed. The ice is meant to be representational of the Arctic ice caps melting, as well as the dark water they form after melting - which in turn becomes a vicious cycle of trapping more heat.
Poster 1 (30" x 40")
Poster 2 (30" x 40")
Poster 3 (30" x 40")
additional process work available upon request

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