I am an impact-focused UX designer with 5 years of experience in UX and 7+ years in Design. As a UX Design Lead for Piktorlabs, I’ve created elegant, human-centered digital products that solve complex business and consumer problems across industries — from e-commerce and HR to digital security and cloud compliance.

I consider myself a life-long learner driven by the challenge to simplify complex problems into thoughtful solutions and meaningful products. I’m passionate about shifting the tech landscape to create a more equitable society and combat institutional issues.

As a UX lead, I love being involved with projects end-to-end. I work best alongside a team of researchers, data analysts, visual designers and frontend and backend development teams. My favorite parts of the design process are strategy/ideation and execution/validation. I enjoy leading workshops, presenting work to clients, and spending time with users.

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While every project requires variation in the design process, this is a summary of my typical workflow:
What problem are we trying to solve?
Why is it important?
How are we going to solve it?
How will we create it?
Does it work?
Yes, it works!
Favorite collab tools:
Favorite processes:
- Figma + FigJam
- Miro
- Optimal Workshop
- Strategy workshops: vision setting and ideation
- Stakeholder + user interviews
Industries + partners I've worked with:
- Cloud & DevOps 
      - T-Mobile: PacBot, JazzAPI MarketplaceT-Vault + more
- HR
     - UST Global: Northstar, GoTag
- Digital retail
     - UST Global: VERA
- Logistics + Transport
    - Maersk, XPO Logistics
Sectors I want to work in:
- Healthcare / mental health
- Grassroots orgs
- Climate + racial justice
- Wildlife conservation
- Waste reduction
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